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Technical SEO Audit and Website Analysis

SEO Website Audit

If you have or plan to have a website or an online store soon, you've probably heard that you'll need a website audit. However, you are wondering what exactly it is and what will be the benefit of this audit for your business?

What are an audit and a website analysis?

SEO website/store audit is a complete analysis of everything related to the level of search on the website. A complete and detailed audit gives you an in-depth understanding of why your site or store isn't generating the traffic you want, why your sales aren't increasing, and so on.

In other words, a proper audit is a great way to improve the performance of your site/store, which will allow you to rank better in the SERPs, and hence - to significantly increase your sales.

How do we perform a technical SEO audit and website analysis?

Before we get started, we first build a viable strategy. We research your competitors, analyze keywords, review, and, if necessary, improve the technical aspects of your site.

Once we have a clear strategy, we proceed to perform a full audit of your site, which includes:
  • Technical analysis
  • Full page analysis
  • Off-page analysis
  • Social audit
  • Local SEO audit
  • Competition analysis and keyword research
  • View the link profile of the site
  • Check to see if you are affected by any of the periodic Google update

Technical analysis

The first thing we check is if your site is working properly. This is done with a technical analysis, which most roughly involves checking:
  • Accessibility
  • Indexability


Accessibility is related to the ability of users and Google to find you and access your pages. If they don't "see" you, then the whole idea of having a website or a store is completely meaningless and will not bring you any benefits.
To check the accessibility of your site/store, we perform a manual check of robots.txt and meta tags. We also check XML Sitemaps to make sure that the XML map of the site is properly formatted and accessible, and last but not least, we perform a detailed audit of the overall site architecture (redirection, opening speed, usability, etc.), and so-called).


Indexability and accessibility go hand in hand, so we check to see if you have a penalty or anything else that prevents your users from seeing the content on your site.

Full page analysis

After performing the technical analysis of your site, we move on to an audit of the pages of the site, which most often includes:
  • General content issues
  • Problems with individual pages

General content issues

From an SEO perspective, the content on your site should not only be well structured, but also relevant, include keywords and phrases, and most importantly, not be duplicated. Therefore, we perform a very detailed check of the content to make sure that everything is in order and that your content does not cause Google to be confused and that this interferes with the indexing of your site in the search engine.

Problems with individual pages

The problems with the individual pages relate to the way each page is written and structured. Therefore, we check both the structure of the articles (length, LSI keywords/phrases, semantics, etc.) and the URL of each page, the meta descriptions, whether the images are optimized, and last but not least - the links.

Offpage analysis

Audit of external connections
Link building is extremely important for your site, so we perform a comprehensive analysis of links and domains that link to your website. We check their authority and relevance to your site/store, their quality, etc.
Social audit
We review current mentions of your site on social media, as well as its visibility and popularity among users.
Local SEO audit
If you have a local business, we check whether your site is SEO optimized locally and whether your content contains enough elements necessary for the recognition of your site/store by users as a local business.
Competition analysis and keyword research
In the world of SEO optimization, competition research and keywords are almost synonymous. Why? Because the keyword is the smallest unit of measurement for SEO. By analyzing the keywords, analysis of the competition is also performed.

Therefore, we analyze the keywords that the competition uses and that bring it good results and build your strategy (which keywords/phrases to use to compete with other companies in your industry, which to abandon because they will not bring you benefits, etc.).

Who can take advantage of the SEO service on the site we offer?

If you have a site/store which isn’t optimized, this service is for you.

If you have a site/store that does not achieve the desired results, this service is for you.

If the niche in which you develop business is highly competitive, this service is for you.

Why choose SEO Web Design Ltd?

We have almost ten years of experience in SEO optimization of sites and online stores and we can offer you a full site audit. We do the analysis manually and pay attention to even the smallest detail which could prevent your website from working properly and ranking better in search engines.

We don't do our job just to report activity and take your money!

We are just good at our job and we guarantee that after our audit of the site you will be aware of all its problems and the ways in which you can eliminate them.

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