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Building an online store

Do you have a product that you want to sell or are you looking for an easy and convenient way to grow a business without investing a lot of capital?
Then it's time to think about making an eCommerce store!

Why do you need an eCommerce store?

With each passing year, e-commerce is entering our lives more and more, and statistics show that online stores are a way to successfully start any business. Gradually, shopping from real stores is shifting to the online space, and a huge percentage of consumers prefer to shop online instead of wasting time touring real stores.

What are the benefits of an e-shop?

Creating an e-commerce website will strengthen the reputation of your business, increase your sales, help you brand your brand, and last but not least expand your target not only nationally but also internationally.

How can SEO Web Design Ltd be useful to you?

Now is the time to tell you how good we are, but we will not do it (you will understand this in the process of working with us). We will not flood you with unnecessary information, just to confuse you more.

If you decide to entrust us with the design of your online store, we will sit together and ask you to tell us:
  • How do you envision the store?
  • What do you plan to sell?
  • Who do you want to sell to?
  • Why do you think having an online store will be useful for your business?
  • If we are aware of this, we will proceed to the development of the online store.

What are the stages of developing an eCommerce website?

The steps we follow when creating an online store are the following:
Step 01


This is the first and most important step in creating an online store. In consultation with you, we will prepare a brief description of the nature and objectives of your business (specification of products/goods, methods of payment, market situation, development of your competitors, etc.). Based on this data, we will develop the appropriate store development strategy for your business.
Step 02


Once we know how you imagine the store and what are the needs of your business, we will prepare a short term of reference, which will describe every detail and stage through which the development of the online store will pass (number of pages, performance parameters, ways of payment, design, store structure, etc.).
Step 03


This is an extremely important stage, as a wide range of paid and free CMS for administration is currently offered. At this stage, we will offer you different options that will be suitable for your business, but we will leave the final decision to you.
Step 04


This stage is often underestimated, but in fact, it is very important, because the moment we present the prototype, you can see what your store will look like and you will be fully aware of whether you like it or not. Prototyping makes it possible to see errors (if any) and to eliminate them early on, as well as visualize the overall concept of the online store.
Step 05


These are the stages in which your online store begins to "come to life". Thanks to the design, the store will gain individuality and style, and once we are done with the layout, it will be able to respond to clicks, shapes, and buttons will be active and the store will work flawlessly on all platforms, browsers, and devices. (Of course, your store will also have a responsive design so that your customers can view and buy your products through their mobile devices).
Step 06


At this stage, we connect the online store with the management systems, thanks to which you will be able to fill the site with content, add/remove products, etc.
Step 07


Creating content is probably the most important part of building an online store, so we don't underestimate it. At this stage, you can provide us with your texts and product descriptions or vote our confidence in creating the content. SEO Web Design Ltd has a small but very creative copywriting team that can create content that is sure to sell your products.
Step 08


The finished project of the online store, in which our specialists have invested all their skills and talent, is moving to one of the last stages of creating an online store. We will test all the pages, check how the purchase buttons work, check how the store "behaves" under all browsers and mobile devices to make sure that it is fully ready to start working at full speed.
Step 09


If your employees need training on how to work with the store, we can also provide you with this service.
Step 10


After the completion of the production, testing of the store, and after your approval, we will launch your e-commerce website.

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