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High standard of professionalism

We are a Bulgarian digital marketing company (SEO agency) with over ten years of experience in SEO optimization and website development.

After such an introduction, we are expected to list the standard words of praise and finish with the small but very professional team that will help you reach world heights in just a few months.

We will not do anything like that! We won’t do it not only because it is too worn out marketing ploy to attract customers, but also because we have both out feet on the ground and know exactly how good we are and how we can help your business.

How did we develop into what we are today?

We started somewhere in 2010 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria as a small boutique company offering website development and SEO services. Years of hard work and growth followed and today we can boast that we are happy to have earned the trust of our customers both in our country and far beyond the borders of Bulgaria.

Why do clients want to work with the SEO specialists from our team?

We understand our jobs very well! Over the years we’ve worked with both start-up and established companies and we can boast that we achieve the results that our customers expect. Our portfolio includes over 150 designed and functioning websites.

For our SEO agency, working on a project, whether it is a website, eCommerce website, a product catalogue or SEO optimization, is a two-way process and the success and good results are due to the partnership between us as an SEO agency and our clients.

That is why our SEO specialists do not accept every single project. We work only with serious partners who know what they want and understand that the path to achieving the desired results requires a serious attitude and teamwork.

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How do we achieve results?

We take on each project individually

We do not offer "package" services because we believe that each business has its own individual needs that require a personal approach. 

We talk to customers, discuss the most appropriate strategy for them so that we can offer them a service tailored to their individual needs.

We have a personal approach

We don't like words like "standard" because we think that a project can only be successful if it stands out from the rest. Therefore, if we take on a project, we perform a very precise analysis of the competition, the company's activities, and the personal preferences of our customers to create a website or store that is different from all others. 

We garnish it with quality content and good SEO optimization so that the site is not only "beautiful", but also useful and profitable.

We are working on serious projects

Unlike some agencies that agree to work on any type of project, we prefer to work with serious partners with whom to build long-term relationships.

We do not spare time, knowledge or effort

When it comes to achieving lasting positions on google, fast results are not always the best choice.
That is why we do not pursue fast results, but results that bring long-term positives. We save no time, knowledge, and effort to achieve what our customers have hired us for.

We do not waste time talking, we prefer actions

Recently, it has become very popular for SEO agencies to advertise and to show every single certificate they have received. And we have all the necessary certificates, but instead of showing them, we prefer to work on projects and let the results we achieve speak for us.

Are you looking for a company that will really be useful to you and offers quality SEO services?

Send us an inquiry and we will try to offer you the best solution.
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