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Local SEO - Business site optimization at a Local level

Local SEO - Optimization at the local level

Do you manage to sell your products (services) locally? Do people in your city or area find you easily? No? And do you want to change that? Then you need local optimization!

What is Local SEO?

In essence, local optimization is part of the overall SEO optimization, the main focus of which is focused on improving the visibility of business at the local level.

In other words, Local SEO helps local businesses promote their products and services to local customers when they need them. This is achieved through various methods, some of which differ from standard SEO techniques.

Why is local SEO so important to your business?

Imagine for a second that a consumer wants to buy an air conditioner (for example). What will he do? He will go online and search Google for companies that sell air conditioners in his city. They will look for local companies, simply because they want to buy the air conditioner immediately, and not wait for days to have it delivered to them from another city.

Or they are on vacation and want to try the local cuisine. We are sure that they will not wander and ask the locals where they offer local cuisine, but will go online instead and look for "local cuisine in Burgas / Plovdiv / Bansko" and from the results that'll come out, they will choose a restaurant that is near them and has good reviews.

If you have a business but have not optimized it locally, then you will lose potential customers simply because the people who need your products or services will not know how to find you… Because no one is looking for a SERP local business that is on pages 2 - 3 or 4.

However, with Local SEO, things can be very different, as local optimization will improve the visibility of your business to its location. This way, customers who need your products or services locally will be able to find you much faster and easier, and your sales will increase significantly.

How can we at SEO Web Design Ltd help make your business more visible locally?

As an SEO agency with almost 10 years of experience in search engine optimization, local optimization is among the services we offer as part of the site optimization strategy.
We know how important local SEO is, especially today when billions of people around the world turn to search engines with their questions every day, and more than 80% of them search for local information.

Why choose SEO Web Design Ltd.?

Whether you turn to us to take care of the popularity of your business locally or not is a matter of your personal choice, but if you trust us you will find that we work hard and do our job to the end. You will find that after only a few months of working together, your business would be more visible in search engines, and your customers have increased several times.

We do not make empty promises, we do not apply temporarily successful strategies and we never leave our work unfinished!
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What do we need to know about Local SEO?

To help local businesses, we apply some basic business visibility techniques that include:
Step 01


Creating your Google My Business account is a very important part of Local SEO, as Google tries to satisfy more and more search queries directly in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).
Step 02


Generally speaking, this is a profile of your business that includes information such as the name and description of the business, the services you offer, NAP (physical address, contact phone, URL, etc.), business hours, location on Google Maps, customer feedback option, etc.
Step 03


We not only create and manage your business account but also constantly monitor, optimize, and update the information in Google My Business. According to the analyzes and monitoring we perform, we add content or remove duplicate content if there is any.
Step 04


To increase the visibility of your business locally, registrations in various official portals, business catalogues, and local media are very important. These registrations are also called "citations" and this term means any place where information about your business can be found. Citations are important for local optimization because if you don't show up in places where locals are looking for a business like yours, you're more likely to be ahead of the competition.
Step 05


True, honest customer feedback is crucial to the quality of the services or products you offer and sends clear signals to search engines that your business is useful.
Step 06


Organically received links from well-known and popular websites help search engines to recognize your business site as a reliable source of information and increase its popularity in the local search algorithm. (Quality links from the local press, bloggers, vloggers, business associations, portals, etc. help tremendously to improve brand visibility).

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