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Corporate Website Development

In the age of digital communication, the corporate website is a must for any serious company. But you already know that!

Since you are here, the decision for your company to have such a site is already ripe and you are looking for the most suitable agency that can handle the development of a company site.

And so, you found us because our web agency has a well-structured, SEO-optimized, elegant-looking, and trustworthy corporate website.

What is a company website?

The simplest definition we can give for a company (corporate) site is that it is a website through which a business becomes popular and visible to users.

Икона Изработка на корпоративен сайт
Икона защо вашият бизнес се нуждае от корпоративен сайт

Why does your business need such an online presentation?

One of the main tasks of a corporate website is to serve as your business card to the world. Through it, your customers, suppliers, and partners can easily get information about your business. They can find out if your goals match theirs, evaluate the products/services you offer, and contact you.

In other words, if you have a corporate website, you have a completely selfless and 100% loyal personal assistant who works 24/7 for the benefit of your business.

The company site, unlike the landing page, includes various interactions with your users. By entering the pages of your business site, they can learn interesting news related to your business, make inquiries and receive answers, participate in marketing research, express opinions, monitor prices and promotions of your services/products, look for vacancies in your company, etc.

Through your business website, you tell your customers and partners: “Hey, this is my company, my business and it is good and useful for you! Come in, look around and look for us - we are what you are looking for! ”

How do we at SEO Web Design Ltd proceed to the development of a corporate (business) website?

If you expect that the moment you contact us we will tell you "no problem" and we will start working on your site… you will be surprised because we do not work that way.

We do not work this way because your business and your company are important to us, and we never mislead our customers.

Therefore, before we begin, we will ask you a very simple question: "Why?"

There are many reasons why a business needs a corporate website and you need to know what your reason is. Answers like "Because everyone does that" are not valid. We both need to know what you want from the website.

After answering the question "Why?", You will have to answer the question "What is your target audience?"

Who the corporate site will be intended for is a very important question, because depending on the audience you want to target, the language in which your site will "speak" will be different. In other words, the content and design of your future corporate website should be based on the needs of your target audience.

Only after we clarify and get an answer to these questions, we proceed to the development of a corporate website.

Икона изработка на корпоративен (бизнес) сайт

What do we need to know when creating a website?

The steps we follow when creating a company website are the following:

If you like what we just shared and want to work together, we will be happy to take care of the development of your company website!

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