Product Catalogue Development

If you are a manufacturer of a retailer, it is a good idea to consider creating a product catalogue for your corporate website or online store.

Why do you need a product catalogue?

From the creation and distribution by Montgomery Ward in 1872 of the first paper catalogue to the present day, catalogues have been one of the most effective ways of presenting products to consumers.

Product catalogues are an integral part of any marketing strategy, as they provide detailed and complete information about the products, directing the attention of consumers to the respective brand and stimulating the desire to buy the product.

Икона изработка на продуктов каталог
Икона разлика между корпоративен сайт, онлайн магазин и продуктов каталог

Is there a difference between a corporate website, an online store and a product catalogue?

Quite often our customers ask us this question because they think that there is no difference and the production of a product catalogue is unnecessary. The truth is that there is a difference and it consists of the following:

  • The corporate website is a way to tell your users more about the activities of your company and to present your products to them in a very cursory way.
  • The online store is a platform through which your customers can buy the products they offer.
  • The product catalogue is a site where your users can get complete information about each product you offer. Through the catalogue, you can reach a huge number of potential customers, introduce them to the activity, services, or products you produce and offer. By accessing the pages of your catalogue, visitors can be informed and purchase your product after contacting you directly with a request for the product of their choice.

Why do you need a product catalogue made by us?

We have extensive experience in making product catalogues and can be useful if you want to have a well-structured, multifunctional, stylish, and SEO optimized catalogue. We strive to approach individually, we don't like templates very much and we always manage to create creative and appealing products for both our clients and their users.

For us, to satisfy the requirements of our customers and something we are constantly striving for, so we do not stop until we are able to present a well-functioning, elegant, and responsive product catalogue.

Икона защо е необходим продуктов каталог

Stages in the development and production of an online product catalogue

Depending on your wishes, we can create a basic product catalogue for your business or with additional extras.

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